Affordable Apps For Creators and Innovators


What makes Assembly Apps unique.


You have an idea that you want to test, but you’re not ready to drop 10,000 or more. Now you don’t have to. We build you a prototype for the best price on the market.


We ensure that we understand your vision and your needs entirely so nothing is lost in communication. Even our sales people have a programming background.


When we hear about your vision, we give you options. More features require more effort and a higher price. Based on your budget and needs, we give you multiple options before you commit to anything.


Our business model is centered on providing the best value for the best price. There are many design pattern and choices that achieve the same end-goal. When there is a simpler way to do something, we let you know.


Application and consultation is 100% free.


  • Working Prototype
  • iPhone App
  • Runs On Device
  • 1-2 Features
  • Minor Polish

Fully Loaded$5ooo

  • More Of Everything
  • iPhone App
  • App Store Ready
  • 6-7 Features
  • Full Polish
We help you decide which package is right for you.

Projects can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them. Where they fall along this spectrum is a huge factor in determining the price and the time to completion. When you email us and tell us what your dream app has in mind, we consider all the possible options, whether it's making a simple version you can use to test your concept (yes, even on your phone or tablet), or a polished app that is ready for the app store.

We consider both your budget and end goal when we decide what package is right for you. We speak in human language — we don’t bog you down with technical details that you shouldn’t have to know in the first place.

You’ve come to us to make the process easier for you. We take your idea, lay it out in human terms so we’re both on the same page, and then we turn it into computer terms so it can run on your phone. That’s it.

  • Step 1

    Have an app idea.

  • Step 2

    Tell us about it by sending an email.

  • Step 3

    We build the app.

  • Step 4

    We send you the app.

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